Living A Lie


I don’t own a television and I even forget that I subscribe to certain services. Certain shows I am really hooked to, mainly because of the stories they tell. The scripts are well written and the cast just brings forth an element that just allows you to see their humanity. Occasionally there are times when I decide to watch documentaries. Have you watched “Can I be me?” which tells Whitney Houston’s story in a heart-breaking way and “Strike A Pose” of Madonna’s former vogue dancers.


Both documentaries talk about the downfall of fame, the effects of living in a bubble. Where some lost themselves completely, till they had to find themselves again. Some actually did not make it. In both, it hit me that what these different artists did was not know their worth. They lived a lavish lifestyle but some did not have people to tell them the truth. Some were perceived to live lavishly but, had no money at all. They were living off their fame and get freebies, access and all kinds of perks. 


What struck me is when one admitted that he was insecure and felt he had to keep up appearances and be this façade. When in the end people realised he was weak and terrified because he couldn’t stand up for himself. While another was really great at what they did but did not realise their worth or power. It’s only later, when they got wind of how they inspired people and had a huge impact in other people’s lives.


Which made me ponder can we really fake it until we make it? Are we supposed to make it or are we creating space for others to push further than where we arrived? It really is a battle. Some people push the envelope, while others feel that they have arrived because they don’t feel like they have anything more to give.


Those two documentaries made me see that at the end of the day, no matter what we do. We cannot look to others for validation. Some will tell us what we want to hear. While some will omit the truth in fear. Create a world for yourself, where you have people who aren’t afraid of telling you the truth. Their opinions are just a consultation at the end of the day it is you who has to live with the consequences of your decision. What if you make a mistake? Well, there’s always a way back. If countless of people have been through the trenches and are making a comeback. You can too. What’s life without learning? What’s life without growing? 


Take other people’s lives as an example, don’t seek to copy them. If you really knew the shoes they had to walk in to get where they were. Would you have the strength to endure it? Do things as you do. Be conscious that what may have worked years ago, may not work right now. If there’s anything that is constant—it is change.


Is there a documentary or series you watch that struck you as something that inspired you to make changes? Comment below.