A Journey To Mindful

There’s been a wave of people questioning their existence lately. If you have been feeling this way, you are definitely not alone. The questions of who am I? Who do I want to become? Is this what I really want? Am I ready for this? These questions basically state that you are becoming mindful and aware of yourself. The relationship you have with yourself. There tends to be a disconnect between self and others.


 Depending on what your values, principles and up bringing are you tend to look for those as a base. Sometimes the base doesn’t even make sense to you and you recognize parts that make you feel uncomfortable and do not sit right with you. As you feel obligated to follow or have tried rebelling but were coerced to follow. Those feelings probably left you feeling an underlaying sense of anger or resentment. You just do what you do, because that’s all you know. You wish they would be a better a way but you have no idea on where to start.


Listen, Feelings are valid. Regardless, of what people tell you. Last week someone told me to feel the feelings. Which made me smile, because I could tell they were evolved. Not allowing yourself to feel, means you are not ready to heal. You are willing to let this thing that bothers you, take over you. I have met people who have lost people 20 or 30 years ago, but never really took the time to grieve. I remember when my dad passed on. I was constantly told to stay strong. Stay strong for my mother. I heard people saying things like you must let go. I ended up taking many roles and I remember feeling like something was wrong. I visited the doctor and he said, you are suffering from exhaustion. It’s not until 3 months later, where I was told. You must give yourself permission to grieve. Oh, and that I did. Grief comes in waves, there’s not one way to grieve. I talk more about this in my upcoming book. Sometimes we grieve over things like, being laid off work, a relationship ending retiring, losing a job or an opportunity. Feelings may vary. In the end it’s what we do about them that happens.


Our relationships with ourselves determines how we navigate this world. Sometimes our relationships with ourselves are a projection of the people we surround ourselves with. They may project their fears, so you feel fear, they may project their insecurities so you feel insecure. Then we have to ask ourselves why live in fear. Relationships do not necessarily mean romantic. It’s the relationship and the roles you play in your lives. 


If you were to look into your life now, what is the one thing you would like to change, that you have been thinking about but are too afraid to make the leap? If you have children, did you know they mirror what you do? Few, actually try to break the cycle and live according to what sets their heart on fire. Often, they are ridiculed and laughed at till people see them thriving, then no one’s laughing anymore. 


Keep asking questions and seeking answers. Feel the feelings not with your intellect but your heart. I had a lovely conversation about intellect and heart with John Sedivy and alchemist. We dove deep into spirituality and all that good stuff. You can have a listen here.