A Dream without Action

Ever since I could remember, telling stories or writing was a thing in my life. I remember in school, we were often asked to declare our professions. Who we aspired to be when we were adults. Which was a tall order because most of us just said whatever came to our minds. I was never sure. At 3, I thought I wanted to be journalist. At the time I didn’t know what that was but it kept changing. It’s funny the things you really want to do when you were younger, actually end up being the things you may end up doing. Fast forward to a few decades later and here I am. Typing this out. 


I dreamt of being an author and wanting to write a book. I actually started the process, didn’t have the courage to share my writing. I was young, probably in my pre-teens. I remember getting this urge to write a novel. I formatted a diskette and after school and when my homework was done, I would sneak into the computer and write. I chuckle thinking about it, then the stories were based on high school and my inspiration was teenage movies. One day, my dad caught me on the computer and told me, I should be studying and not playing computer games. My writing was such a secret, I had a cover for it. Thereafter, I shelved my plans, hid the diskette and guess what? I never found it again. My knack for hiding things was great, but I could never find them afterwards.


Fast forward to yesterday, yesterday was the official day of my book launch. I have been writing poetry as a child. It has been a secret and I haven’t had the courage to share them with anyone till this year. The book is rightfully titled Monversation: A journey to healing. It’s a collection of random thoughts and poetry. It takes you through a journey of different emotions. The chapters are organized according to the 5 pillars or principles of Monversation. If you did not know, monversation is conversations with thyself. The term was coined from mona French word for my so basically its conversations with myself. The title was actually supposed to be something else, but a friend thought what was more fitting than continuing the journey. I digress, so the chapters are basically When I was lost, When I am Alone, When I got the nudge, When I had to let go and finally When I awakened.Which basically sums up life. When I am Alone, is the random thoughts part.


The pre-launch party was on the 19thof June and it was a beautiful private affair. I wanted it to be intimate and let people go through the motions of the poetry as it is.


The book is now available on amazon as an e-book. I know not everyone has a kindle but, you can download the app as well. When the hardcopies are ready, I will definitely let you know. For now, I still cannot believe that I am an author, a published one at that.

I have a board where I post my tasks. From January to now, the posted notes have reduced from tasks to affirmations. I have been working on this for months. At first, I was apprehensive about putting my book out but then I was reminded that as a writer, a healing writer I was denying people the chance to put words to their feelings. Not everyone has that gift to express themselves in the way that I do. Each one of us has a unique gift. You could be the best dentist, the best dancer, fitness instructor all of us have something that differentiates us from others. So, go on, and shine your light


If you would like to get the ebook version you can get it from your local amazon.


Thanks in advance for the support.


photo by Simson Petrol