Smoke and Mirrors

You’re walking through a tunnel and all you can see is darkness. Then you decide, OK, this process is exhausting trying to figure my way out of this predicament. You realise you have a lighter or that your phone can function as a torch. Well, well, well… something swishes by quickly. You felt a waft of wind an expected breeze that startled you. There’s loads of scenarios that could happen. You either shriek or duck. Drop your light/phone or yell some expletives asking yourself what that was. Another scenario would be, you realize you are surrounded by cobwebs and all the creepy crawlies you can imagine. In the best-case scenario, you stumble on works of art in the tunnel and discover something wonderful, your own imagination could not process.


That’s basically what life is in a nutshell, a play of different types of scenarios all simultaneously happening to different people at the same time. Some may end up in a different scenario at different times or experience it all at once. How will you handle each situation that’s handed to you? Everyone wants to end up in the ethereal tunnel, where the word beauty seems like an insult. It’s indescribable, an existence, a feeling that makes you gasp in awe.


 If you are constantly surrounded by beauty you will never learn how to appreciate things especially, if you haven’t experienced anything else. I have seen this picture on Instagram where someone has a garden full of roses and they are sad. Outside their fence, a person has discovered a rose and they are so overwhelmed with joy. In the end it’s all about perception. 


What are you able to appreciate? In your surroundings? Your interactions with people? Are you able to experience their complexities?


Being human is to be constantly bombarded with complexities. The struggle with being aware of self, then others projecting their insecurities on you.
— Who is fooling whom?- An excerpt from the Monversation Book: A Journey to Healing


When we finally start to look at things as experiences and know that situations are temporary, that shall set us free. We keep looking for the next, when we do not appreciate the now. In darkness there is always light even if, it is just a flicker.


When will you face your fears? When will you meet yourself? It is just a matter of time when the tunnel will be shining so bright you may miss the darkness. Relish in the now, for it will be just a memory.


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