Carpe Diem

Half a year is already gone. How time flies! Sometimes we can belittle or not acknowledge our small victories. You got a promotion, you managed to stay consistent in doing something you love, you faced a fear or a phobia. Crushing goals, doesn’t need to be something huge. It could be something like cutting out sugar from your diet. Sleeping early, saving money, walking more or being spontaneous. When was the last time you were spontaneous? Where you didn’t have to plan something to a minute detail. Then that experience turned out to be memorable and fulfilling.


Spontaneity is key in nurturing my creativity. Sometimes I may feel the urge to dance. To leave my home and go for some random event. Meet people at random. Visit places I haven’t on a whim. Go for long walk. It may mean switching my phone off as I walk in the forest. So that I can stay present and be mindful of nature. When I am present, I spot a crow taking a bath in the sea. A squirrel scurrying away or towards me. I hear the birds sing. Then I notice the trees, the dead ones the old ones. The crunch of the earth below my feet. I watch and wonder how the clouds keep moving around. The symphony of the cool sometimes harsh breeze. I somehow notice something new every time, regardless of how many times I have walked the same route. 


Routine and structure are wonderful things but sometimes they stifle us with our musts and ought’s. When was the last time you went out and partied so hard that you got home so exhausted you slept with your clothes on top of your bed? Have you wanted to go on dates and tried a dating app? Is there an activity you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the time? Tried a sporting activity you have always wanted to try? Try something once at least. You never know what you may be missing out.


Random and spontaneous activities sometimes brew into deep connections that last a lifetime. Sometimes random makes for interesting discoveries. Releasing mind-blocks, answers your inner most questions. 


At the end of the day, life is meant to be lived. Explore. Experience. Be. 


photo credits: Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash