Living In Midnight


I thoroughly, enjoy writing and find myself always seeking to read people’s work that resonates with me. My up-coming book is a personal project. It has things I have wanted to say but couldn’t. It has feelings I wanted to share but, could not put into words. It has things imagined, translated and the seen that should have been unseen.

 I have performed some of the poetry publicly and the response has been really warm. After years of suppressing my voice, I would say that the past 4 years have been a process of soul searching and healing. Trying to find meaning in what I do, how I live and establish myself in the public and personal space. 

Regardless, of what people may think, I have heard countless of opinions and false narratives of how easy, I have had it. It usually makes me shake my head and shrug. If my homeless story is anything to go by. It really hasn’t. I guess the smile and the sisu part of me-- that never gives up, makes it look easy. Make no mistake, what looks easy, comes from years of practice. Trial and error. Doing things, when I was petrified and clueless. It's stories and people that I see doing things that they have always wanted to that made me realize that it was time. The following story just says it all.

A 92 year-old woman, got her big break in acting and it’s one of the highest grossing films currently. Keep telling yourself you can’t do it, and you shall not. Try! You never know, where that thing you have always wanted to do shall take you.


Speaking of trying, this month is a PEDA (podcast every day in April) month. I honestly, don’t know what I got myself into! It’s easier to produce 4 podcasts a month than 7 every week! I got inspired by vloggers who do this. One of my favourite, vloggers whom I have loved since I found her on Youtube years back. She says it best when it comes to the struggle of being a creative. 

The process of being a creative.


This post is short, since I shall be your ear worm all month something has got to give. Check out the podcast, follow, rate and review.  Thank You so much for sharing, commenting and sending me messages. I appreciate them!