Once Upon A Friendship

Once upon a time there were people that you held so dear to your heart. You would do anything for them. Show up for them. Be present, go to great lengths to assist them. Then you notice that they do not value you, the same way, you thought they did. These particular people tend to belittle you by put-downs laced in jokes. Smirks. Dirty looks. They often do it in groups. Creating a perception of you that is an illusion. Woe unto you should you ask for help.


Your presence somehow causes them irritation. When you awaken and start to notice that you are undervalued. You ask yourself why in their presence you tend to feel drained. Finally, you have had enough and exit left from their stage. The information you shared with them that used to come freely, comes like a tap drying out of water. You notice, they do not really share their lives. They are more interested in yours. When the information stops coming they start getting nosy. Looking for ways to find out, what’s really going on with you? The times you may have needed them were a lost opportunity for them to acknowledge who they were.


Solitude becomes such a beautiful escape and you realize that your relationship was a co-dependency. It was toxic. They were takers. Your kindness taken for weakness. You gave them chances to prove you wrong but, they constantly proved you right.


Thus you pull away and move on with your life, because you know after their actions, you are not sure if you can trust them again.


Have you experienced this before?

My action is a reaction, to the cause of seduction, that led me to where I stand or rather struggling,
You call yourself a friend but, you hardly know or care about the person to squabble,
— An excerpt from " A Reflection of Darkness " from the book Monversation: A journey to Healing


Here’s an excerpt of 


“A Reflection of Darkness“ from my debut poetry book Monversation: a journey to healing




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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Dorina O