One Day I Will

We all have thoughts that slip in and out of our minds.  Sometimes they offer us great regret while sometimes they offer us great relief. The thoughts that haunt people, haunt them because they have not gotten rid of the ghosts of the past.

Name your ghost!!

One day I will…


Walk away from that toxic relationship that leaves me feeling less than

Walk away from that job that eats away at my soul

Walk away from that addiction that I find so hard to let go


Forget about the people that did me wrong

Forget that guy/girl I met briefly and we had a connection

Call that person that I am into and ask them out on a date

Be a parent/grandparent/great grand parent

Learn to see myself in the way others see me

Learn to be fearless


Accept that I am flawed and not perfect.

Give up meat and see what the fuss is about eating clean

Learn how to do a sporting activity that scares me.

Stand up to my bullies

Say enough is enough.

Learn to be more present.

Learn to love myself.

Learn to see things beyond my own understanding

Wake up and live.

Learn to love again.

Learn to let go.

Stop being so judgemental.

Ask for help.

Accept help.

Find my life partner.

Meditate more.

Exercise more.

Learn to relax.

Learn to do things that scare me.

Find myself.

Save money.

Spend money.

Donate money.



These are the thoughts that I hear every other day… which one do you resonate with the most?

What dreams or things have you not yet fulfilled? 


Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash