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Living A Lie

Which made me ponder can we really fake it until we make it? Are we supposed to make it or are we creating space for others to push further than where we arrived? 

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That Illicit Addictive Affair

They were meant to protect you. Instead, they caged you. They made you feel like you were stuck in a box, with no holes or room to breathe. It was a nagging pressure, you could not shake. How could you? It was all you could, to try and keep your head above water. Suppress, that is what you learnt to do best. 

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Once You Awakwen It's Hard To Go Back To Sleep

People have a single story of Africa, that instills fear of people ever setting foot onto the continent. Where people come to take, keep taking to the point where they feel entitled. When they give, they give at a fraction of what they took. 

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