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Finding Love In The Mirror

Love can be elusive for some, those that have lots of love to give tend to be filled with self-doubt, carrying the burden of their experience with them. When really its looking to find the love within yourself. We are example of how we want to be treated.

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A Good Goodbye

This feeling slowly boiling inside, you cannot put a name to it. You feel numb. Reality comes in waves as acceptance. A hard pill to swallow. There’s this lump stuck in your throat that just won’t go away.

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That Illicit Addictive Affair

They were meant to protect you. Instead, they caged you. They made you feel like you were stuck in a box, with no holes or room to breathe. It was a nagging pressure, you could not shake. How could you? It was all you could, to try and keep your head above water. Suppress, that is what you learnt to do best. 

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