When It's Time To Bloom

This year, I wanted to read more. I am aiming for at least 3 books a month, excluding articles and books that I just love to re-read. I have also started to discover, that I don’t mind audio books. They have been really helpful, when I haven’t had time to pick a book. It makes my commuting journey pleasant. At the end of last year, Carol told me about this book “It Didn’t Start with You.” By Mark Wolynn. I spoke briefly about it in one of my podcasts. Reading it got me thinking of a lot of things. It made me understand me better. My family. My family dynamics and people in general, better. The basic theme of the book is about patterns. Repetition of patterns that prevent people from moving forward, in their lives.


Most people, tend to base their lives on what they are used to. It usually a pattern of learned behaviour. It comes in various forms. The struggle mentality, the victim mentality, the abuse mentality, the fear mentality and the negative mentality. There are many other forms of mental blocks. The ones I have mentioned, are the ones, I feel show up in most of our lives. 



The feeling that we are not deserving. The perception that things can’t change. The problem with that type of mind-set is; that people tend to be so comfortable being in them. They, do not know; peace. They are comfortable being in turmoil. Or comfortable blaming other people for their strife. I do not lay blame on them as most, are living according to the circumstances they witnessed. 


Personally, the past few weeks have felt like a rollercoaster. Confronting a lot of things, I had thought I had dealt with. It’s incredible how when things come to the surface they come in tides. First, they are slow then they gradually grow to become rough and unforgiving. Sometimes, you get pulled under. All in all, sometimes we have to feel to heal. There may be wounds, thoughts, behaviours and patterns we harbour because we are afraid. Afraid to seek the truth. Afraid of what we may find in the abyss.


Often, we have constant distractions that we use to suppress those thoughts and feelings. Would it be so bad if we confronted them? What if we really came on the other side as warriors equipped to help future generations to come. So that they would not have to walk blindly into patterns they do not understand. 


We are all a work in progress, at the end of the day. The one’s that constantly focus on growth are prepared for the future. The ones that don’t, get left behind.


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