Wine education allows you to understand the essence of the wine you are drinking.

Growing up, I always associated wine with
elaborate dinner parties.

Laughter. Friendship. Great conversations.

When I was old enough to try wine, I wasn't sold on it. Later on-- I realised it was because it had not been stored properly. My endless quest for good wine, allowed me to expand my palate. I then started to notice, how different grape varieties, tasted better in different regions. I am currently certified in wines of Geneva and working on my WSET.

Wine education, not only allows you to make informed decisions, but it allows you to understand the essence of the wine you are drinking.
What better way to experience this by experiencing wine tourism?

Witness where the grapes grow, how they are picked and fermented.
Your bottle of wine has an elusive past why not connect with it?



It's a rewarding experience especially, when you see the wine paired with local food.
It is the ultimate
gastronomic experience.


Are you a corporate institution or individuals who would like to experience wine making, educate yourselves on wine and experience it on a personal level?
Or do you have a life event, conference or want to experience a bespoke tour that you would like to have professionals handle?

 I work with highly regarded sommeliers and event managers who are based in Europe. They serve Europe, U.S.A ( California),  South America (Argentina), Africa (South Africa)

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Minimum booking for 12 people