If you are visiting my page for the first time welcome!

You probably know me already from Donnasmélange. A concept I started years ago to document my love of lifestyle especially travel, food and wine.


Who wants to live just to survive? We should aspire to live, to thrive!

A major setback happened in my life that made me rethink my life choices. I started to think about where I really wanted to be. What was really important. 

Thereafter, I made the decision that, I would be a Digital Nomad. This ensured that I could work on projects remotely. It also allowed me the freedom to be present in order to, emotionally and physically to support my parents.Making the decision to shift my life and rethink things, allowed me to spend the last year of my father’s life with him. There’s no money in the world that can replace the time and moments we shared together. 

It has not been an easy journey, but it is something I do not regret.

Because of my struggles, dealing with changing my career from having an office to go to, regular hours, money struggles, trying to work on my degree, dealing with grief and pain. I realized that the challenges in life either make us or break us. I miss my father very much. The experience of caring for him, the struggles and seeing that there are many people going through challenges-- made me realize that this, is part of life.

We live to die while others die to live. I would rather be the former.

Enjoy the journey and enjoy the evolution. Be better, feel better and do better but, above all else acknowledge where you are now.
Namaste, Donna

If you want to work with me, know that I embody the essence of living. Experience a Safari, Wine Tour or Wine Education. Whether you’re a corporation, individual or group. I shall cater to your needs accordingly.